01. My daughter has a computer program with a [virtual] pet cat that she feeds and plays with.
02. Great Britain has immigrants from [virtually] every country in the world.
03. Children working in some parts of the developing world are [virtual] slaves who can never earn enough money to buy their freedom.
04. We are very careful about what we eat, and [virtually] all our food is organic.
05. It is [virtually] impossible to get tickets for the concert now; they were all sold out within hours.
06. A big shopping mall is a [virtual] heaven for my teenage daughter.
07. What a pig! You ate [virtually] the whole pizza!
08. Police maintain that [virtually] every panhandler on the streets has a drug or alcohol addiction.
09. Kobi Yamoda once observed that there comes a moment when you realize that [virtually] anything is possible; that nothing is too good to be true.
10. Religion has been present in [virtually] every society since the beginning of time.
11. Most vegetable, and [virtually] all fruit juices, contain tiny amounts of alcohol.
12. The province of Alberta has been [virtually] rat free since 1905.
13. The country of Nepal was [virtually] closed to the outside world for centuries.
14. There is little crime in the country of Liechtenstein, and unemployment is [virtually] non-existent.
15. Rice is the staple diet of [virtually] all the people of Gambia.
16. [Virtually] all U.S. households have at least one TV set, and three out of every four have multiple sets.
17. Henry had to fly the passenger jet [virtually] alone after the co-pilot became ill.
18. Henrietta flew a passenger jet [virtually], using a cool software program she had just bought.
19. The Serengeti Plains of Tanzania were [virtually] uninhabited for hundreds of years.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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